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How to get started with marketing automation

18.8.2021 10:00 EEST (+03:00 UTC)

Anywhere – This event is a webinar!

Welcome to our webinar to listen to how you can easily get started with marketing automations

We go through e.g. the following things:

  • What do you need to get started?
  • How do you identify a customer’s needs and target the right message at the right time?
  • Liana's solutions for marketing automation
  • In addition, we show practical examples

The expert is Liana Growth & Marketing Director Mika Tiainen and the discussion is hosted by Marketing Development Representative Harri Niskala.

The webinar is free. If the time doesn’t suit you, you should register, as we will send a recording to all those who registered after the webinar.

Duration is about 1 hour.



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18.8.2021 10:00 EEST (+03:00 UTC)


18.8.2021 11:00 EEST (+03:00 UTC)

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Anywhere – This event is a webinar!